Sony Preset Manager

Sony Preset Manager 2.0

Manages effects and plugins for Acid, Sound Forge, and Vegas programs
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Organize the effects and plugins library on supported programs (Acid, Sound Forge, and Vegas). Supports backup, transfer, and plugin uninstall as well.

The Preset Manager is an official utility and very powerful tool for managing and renaming effects and other plug-in presets. The enhanced Preset Manager is now a standalone application that you can use to back up, transfer, and delete user-defined effects presets for ACID, Sound Forge, and Vegas software. Using this software you can save time in accessing most commonly used settings. The Preset Manager is designed to work with existing plug-in presets and packages only. You will create your presets and preset packages in Sound Forge, Vegas or ACID. That means you have to create presets first before using preset manager. The Preset Manager offers a simple interface area that lets you work with pre-made group of settings. You can use the commands in the Edit menu to modify the presets on your computer or the contents of a preset package. In the File menu, choose 'New' to create a new preset package. Preset packages allow you to create backups of your plug-in presets and chains or transfer them to another computer. In the Edit menu, choose 'Copy to System' and the selected preset will be copied from the Preset Package pane to your computer. You can save and organize your favorite presets. The first time you save a package, the 'Save As' dialog is displayed to allow you to specify a folder and file name for the package.

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  • Help in backup, transfer and organizing
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